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Pros and Cons of Living in Charleston, SC – by Matthew Kleinman



I love living in Charleston, South Carolina. Moving to Charleston has a lot of benefits, but there are some “negatives” of which you should be aware.

Whether you’re considering Charleston as a retirement destination or for a professional relocation or if you just HAVE to escape the harsh winters of a northern state, you’ll want to know the best(and worst) parts of living here. Now, there are TONS of reasons to move to Charleston, SC and I couldn’t possibly list them all in one video without it being ten hours long(this one’s already on the long side). For this video, I boiled it down to five pros and five cons. I’ll almost certainly do more videos on the many other pros and maybe a few more of the cons.

Briefly, the cons are:

1. The Humidity: it ain’t a dry heat!

2. The Bugs: we have plenty!

3. The Traffic: it’s really not so bad, but we Charleston natives remember when it was a lot better!

4. The Flooding: we’re a coastal, low lying area. It’s gonna flood occasionally!

5. The Hurricanes: as of this video, we haven’t had a devastating hurricane since Hugo in 1989, but we are subjected to the occasional hurricane and may see a sever storm again in the future.

I really had to think about it to come up with a list of 5 cons for this video. Yes, the above things are real and are negatives to living in the Charleston area, but they aren’t things that bother me from day to day. The reasons TO live here far outweigh(in my opinion) the reasons not to live here.

And the pros, briefly:

1. The Beaches: who doesn’t love the beach? We’ve got plenty of them and you can be 2-45 minutes from one or more of them just about anywhere you live in Charleston

2. The History: Charleston is old(350 years old as of this video) and with that age comes SO much history. Some good, some bad, almost all fascinating.

3. The Natural Beauty: never a major industrial area, Charleston has a ton of BEAUTIFUL green space with plants and wildlife that you’ll love to explore and observe.

4. The FOOD: We have a culinary scene that caters to almost every palate. You’ll never be left wanting for menu options in Charleston.

5. The Hospitality: southern charm(not the awful show), generosity, community, Charleston is an inviting town with people that care about one another and IT SHOWS!